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1. You send us the text to be translated by email indicating the precise language. If this is an urgent translation you must indicate it.

2. We will send you an estimate without commitment with the most appropriate type of translation of your text and the delivery time.

3. You send us the accepted budget and  the applied tariff with the attachment of the bank receipt of 100% of the total amount of the service to our cc. Payment may also be done by PAYPAL.

4. We will send you by email your translation and invoice.

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Our business offers you the possibility to have your  on line translations  ready  in 24 hours with a supplement of the 40% in the standard price.

Ask for an estimate without commitment.

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Sti Marketing Translation Services
Sti Marketing & Advertising Translations

Our marketing translators are not only native speakers. They are also experienced marketers or advertisers who have an in-depth knowledge of the target market and will offer you their expertise to get your corporate message across. Every one of our marketing translators has more than a flair for writing a creative copy perfectly tailored to your target audience. Get a free online quote now.
Translating your Marketing Concept

A marketing message should be sharp. It is essential for your translated documents to convey effectivlely your message to your audience. We work to bring you the best marketing concepts by navigating the specific linguistic, cultural and business specificities of the local market your target.
Multilingual Solutions for Marketing

We are not only able to translate your marketing material into almost any language; we also adapt the message to make it suitable to specific markets by merging into its needs and desires. We can translate marketing documents such as:
*Advertising Campaign    *Brochures
* Websites    * Press Releases
* Exhibitions    * Packaging/Branding
* Email Campaigns    * Marketing Reports & Analytics

Sti Translation Services will give your marketing materials the linguistic quality and the cultural relevance necessary to turn to export your brand, product and services globally.

Translation Services Sti also provides Multilingual Desktop Publishing services that are highly recommended when your translation requires adaptation of graphics and many other details such as layout and typography.
Sti Legal Translation Services
Translation Services Sti is a leader in Legal Translation. This branch of our services has been designed to ensure that every translation maintains the true meaning of the original document. We translate a wide array of legal documents in more than 100 languages, including from and into English. Whether it be contracts, articles of association, birth certificates, or any other type of legal material, Sti native specialist translators are able to deliver a faithful translation.

Sti Legal Certified Translators

Our legal translators are appropriately qualified and trained in legal systems and terminology to deliver an accurate translation of legal documents. Translation Services Sti uses ofessional translators who only translate into their mother tongue and have a solid knowledge of the legal system as well as the terminology used in both the source and target languages. They are competent in the specific legal writing styles of the target language and have experience in delivering first class translations to solicitors and attorneys.
We translate a wide range of legal documents including:
* Contracts
    * Powers of Attorney
* Insurance Policies    * Deeds & Wills
* Immigration Documents
    * Witness Statements
* Litigation & Arbitration    * Court Pleading
* Articles of Association
    * Laws & Codes of Practice
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